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Solutions and FAQ

Technical Issues

  • My webcast / on-demand video doesn't seem to load, or all I see is a black box You may need to wait a while for the video to preload. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and your geographic location, the load time can vary. A faster Internet connection (high speed internet/DSL) will result in greater throughput, allowing you to watch the streams without any lag or buffering delays. However, slow connections will receive buffering delays, including lagging video and stuttering. On a broadband connection, the average wait time before the video starts can be 10-30 seconds. If the video does not start after a full two minutes, it is likely that the video may be temporarily offline or broken, in which case please contact Technical Support.
  • When I click "Watch Now," I get a screen saying my program has not started, even though it has This may occur if you've previously clicked "Watch Now" before a program started. Your browser has stored, or cached, the information from that previous visit. To re-load all the page's information, perform a "hard refresh" on the page (Ctrl+F5 for PC; Shift+Command+R for Mac).
  • When I launch a webcast I get a message saying, "The video you are trying to watch is currently unavailable." This means the video stream from the live program has not started yet. It is related to the broadcast crew getting the web stream "streaming." There are two different solutions: Close the browser window and try again in a few minutes until the stream is working. Leave the browser window active and every few minutes press the F5 or Ctrl+F5 key(s) to refresh the browser window. When the stream is live, the message will disappear.
  • I can't navigate the webcast using the slider control These features will not work for a live webcast or webcast replay. For on-demand and archive videos, you can use the slider control to navigate the playback. This feature requires high bandwidth. Just click in the progress bar and the video will navigate forward or backward in the video.
  • I can't hear any sound First, check the volume control on your PC and make sure it is not set to mute. If you have headphones or external speakers, make sure they are plugged in.
  • My screen is blank Check your computer’s time to be sure it is correct and is set to the proper time zone. The time should be the same as your cell phone’s time.
  • Why do I hear an echo? Make sure you don't have multiple windows open playing the same webcast; this can create an echoing sound.
  • The video was working but now has gone black This can occur when the video window has been moved around the screen or when opening documents over the video window. Click on the Video Window and press F5 to refresh it. The page will reload and the video should now work again.
  • How do I change my screen resolution? To change the screen resolution of your computer, right click in an empty portion of the Desktop and select Properties. Depending upon your monitor, you may be able to increase and decrease the screen resolution on the Settings tab.
  • My computer won't allow me to install Adobe Reader. What do I do? Your firm might have restrictions in place so that users can't install programs on their computers. You should contact your IT department for further assistance in this case.
  • The webcast pauses frequently while I view it. What do I do? This is most commonly due to a lack of sufficient bandwidth on the customer's end. In these cases, the bandwidth available at the customer's end is just being over-utilized and there is not much you can do to eliminate the pauses. If possible, move to another high-speed Internet connection point and reconnect to the webcast. You may also need to contact your IT department for further assistance.
  • I can't view the webcast at the designated time. Can I view it later? No. These are LIVE webcasts. They can be viewed only at the time indicated. Live webcasts are available at a later time as webcast replays and can be purchased and viewed at those designated times.


  • Where can I find my course materials Your course materials can be downloaded from the MyMedia page at or you can download them from the Links tab above the video window on your screen.
  • What computer requirements are necessary to meet to view a webcast / on-demand education video? You must have an Internet connection available. We recommend a DSL or faster connection for the best viewing experience. Dialup and Satellite connections may work but are not recommended. Select videos may include materials from the event. To access these materials you will need to have a current version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. The following hardware and software is recommended to receive webcast / on-demand video: The following hardware and software is recommended to receive webcast / on-demand video: PC Component Required Recommended Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8+ Internet browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 36+, Chrome, Safari 6.2+ and Opera 2014 Adobe Acrobat Adobe Reader 11 Latest version of Adobe Reader Processor A 2.33 gigahertz (GHz) processor or faster, such as an Intel Pentium III or Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processor. An Intel core Pentium or Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) multicore processor Modem Active broadband connection (DSL or Cable) Satellite connections may work but are not supported. Monitor SVGA (1024 x 768) resolution or larger MAC Component Required Recommended Operating system Mac OS 10.9 Mac OS 10.9 or greater Internet browser Firefox 36+, Chrome, Safari 6.2+, Opera 2014 Media player Adobe Flash Player 9+ Processor IntelCore Duo 1.33 GHz or faster processor Modem Active broadband connection (DSL or Cable). Satellite connections may work but are not supported. By following the above guidelines, we are confident you will be able to view videos on your computer. If you purchase a video and find that it does not function properly, call Customer Service to request a one-time refund.
  • What if my computer does not meet the requirements? We recommend that the computer you access your videos from meets the requirements. This does not mean that you cannot access a video, but you will likely experience slowdowns and poor quality video and sound. We cannot support any problems that may result from issues when the requirements are not met. Sometimes ensuring you have the latest version of the software tools will do this. The following are core software components that we highly recommend be current: Adobe Reader can be downloaded directly from Adobe. If you do not have access to a computer that meets the requirements of webcast / on-demand videos, then the products may not be right for you.
  • In webcasts, how do I rewind or fast forward? To move forward or back in an on-demand video, use the slider control in the main video player. Depending upon your connection speed, there may be a slight pause before the video begins playing again. Due to the nature of webcasts and replays being live, you will not be able to navigate the video
  • Can I access a webcast / on-demand video from another computer? You'll be able to access the webcast / on-demand from any computer that meets the requirements. The convenience of on-demand education is that you can view your on-demand education video any time of day from any computer that meets the system requirements and has Internet access.
  • In webcasts, how do I access the course materials for a video? The materials will be listed on the main video window, below the Video/Audio or Audio Only selections. An Handouts panel will be available where course materials can be downloaded. Materials will also be located at myMedia You may also save the materials to your computer for later access or print the materials if you have an available printer on your system. Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to access course materials.

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