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Steven H. Steinglass


Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Steven H. Steinglass is a nationally recognized authority on Section 1983 Civil Rights litigation and currently serves as dean emeritus and professor emeritus at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Professor Steinglass has argued two cases before the United States Supreme Court, Board of Regents v. Roth (1972) and Felder v. Casey (1988). Professor Steinglass is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Law. Following law school, he practiced law in Wisconsin, initially as a staff attorney under the Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship Program and ultimately as the director of Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc., the state's largest legal services program. He also served as a Lecturer in Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School. He joined the faculty of Cleveland State University's Cleveland- Marshall College of Law in 1980.

Section 1983 Litigation: From Arrest to Release

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Steven H. Steinglass |  Charles H. Bohl |  Benjamin H. Elson |  Corey F. Finkelmeyer |  Samuel C. Hall Jr. |  Susan E. Lappen |  Elizabeth Mazur |  Jeff Scott Olson |  ....
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